29. Plazmid

Dubstep, Trap, Grime

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Featuring the lysergic sounds of liquid bass, and embodying the gritty futuristic tones of today’s dubstep, Seattle DJ and producer Taylor Kimball AKA Plazmid has stepped up to the Peace Portal for tonight’s mix! He hasn’t wasted any time getting down to business with his fresh take on bass music, already releasing on Bad Luck Club, Plazmid has his debut EP coming at you before long!

What have you been up to?

Just working a lot and making music when I can. Recently I released a single through a local platform by the name of Bad Luck Club.

Tell us a bit about the mix!

These are all songs I’ve been collecting over the past few months as well as a few older ones that deserve another rinse.

Where are you at when you’re not behind the decks?

Making tunes, playing video games, or supporting the local scene.

What are you listening to when you’re not in the mix?

I have recently discovered Slimzee and his Rinse FM shows and became really inspired. I also like N-Type’s show and Indepth Radio with Distance and Darkside. Noisia radio is another crucial staple in my listening diet as well as anything from Wakaan.

What are you up to next?

I also have an EP in the works as well as another single that is nearly finished. I might make a short promo mix showing off some new music very soon.


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Track List

Creep N00m – AA Mine

TUBZ – Weigh In

REZ – One by One

Liquid Stranger – Rapture

Subdocta – Milkshake Dub

Ishan Sound & Muttley –  Still Smoking

Argo – Daredevil

UZ feat. Rome Fortune – Leave It (Instrumental)

Six Chakra – Midnight Flow VIP

Boylan – They Mostly Come at Night

P0gman & Solomon – Puff Puff Pass

AS.IF KID, Slimzee, Garna – Judgement Day (Garna Remix)

Havelock – Graphics (Hi5Ghost Remix0

Zaita & Plazid –The Destroyer

E3Breaks – DontThinkAboutIt

Tsuruda – Spaced

N-Type & LOST – USO’s

Trends & Slimzee – MindGames

Ternion Sound – Hopeless

Vibe Emissions – Shadow Figures

Rufus! – Fresh Orange

Truth – Lurker

Dubloadz – Sphere

Badklaat – Get Twisted VIP

Deeco – Vortex

DJ Slimzee, E3 Breaks, As If Kid – The Curse

Dubzta – Everyday

Requake – Waterdrops VIP

Durandal & Pushloop – Conspiracy

Peekaboo – Work of the Devil

Ternion Sound – Verify Me

Thelem – Bring Me Down feat. T-Man

Perkulat0r – Drippy

J:Kenzo –Straight Defeat (Caspa & Jubei Remix)

Helicopter Showdown & Midnight Tyrannosaurus – Drippin’

Trashbat – Tell Me Nuffin’

Caspa – F You

Garna – MagikCircle VIP Mix

Deeco – Fatality

Mystry – Ghost Street

DJ Snipaz – Skatty Riddim

Samurai Breaks – Shots Fired

LOST – Far East

UZ & Montell2099 – UNDERGRND

Thelem – Third Time Lucky

Liquid Stranger – Nintendo feat. Robotti

Da-bow – Jungle Traps

Conrank – Buk Em

Rude Kid & Ghetts – Serious Face

Mystry – Reptile

Dalek One – Tasered