23. Cauliflowa

Drum & Bass, Dubstep

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For our 23rd session as Cauliflowa digs thru the dirt with a mix of subterranean dubs from an alien planet! Producer of the monthly Bass Invasion at Boscoe’s in Bellingham, Cauliflowa is pushing some of the deepest and grimiest bass sounds in Bellingham. Friday night, you can also catch him repping Danktronics at Tha Outlet alongside Abstrakt Sonance and more.

What have you been up to?

Lately i’ve been working on keeping up with the Bass Invasion monthly at Boscoe’s, always trying to bring fresh talent to town. I’ve also been working closely with Danktronics on some projects around town and in the greater Seattle area, with focus on the Plugged In events that we are trying to start up as a regular monthly event in Bellingham. Other than that i just work and dig for tunes on the daily!

How and where did you record your mix?

I recorded this mix at home in my studio using Traktor Pro 2 and a Kontrol s4.

Tell us a bit about the mix!

This mix showcases a lot of new dubs that i’ve recently found and a lot of new artists that i have recently found as well. All 140 BPM dark dubstep. A few of my favorite artists on this mix are Vibe Emissions, The Cosmos, Rilathon, and Six Chakra.

What are you up to next?

This month I’ll be opening up for Abstrakt Sonance and Rootabeggas at Tha Outlet for the debut of Plugged In. And then of course Bass Invasion at Boscoe’s on October 26th. I’ll also be playing out down in Seattle on October 20th for SeaCompression.

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Track List

  1. Holy War – Hazed & Blazed & RVZER
  2. The Latest Sound – Major Oak
  3. Remember – Pillow
  4. On The Block – Really Confused
  5. Makak – Run Things (Vibe Emissions Remix)
  6. Hebbe’s Sound – Hebbe
  7. Cafe in Casablanca – Maes
  8. Wrong Tings – Kaiju
  9. Holy Trinity – Dokter
  10. Humbleflip – Parrotice
  11. Soundboi – Nosq
  12. Go Out – Roklem & Sebalo
  13. Number One – Mistah x Vibe Emissions
  14. Davis Dub – Rilathon
  15. The Way – Roklem & Sebalo
  16. Vandull – Bits (KALI Remix)
  17. Badman Flow – Clemo(nt)
  18. Killa Dub – Six Chakra x Celestial Dharma (Rilathon Remix)
  19. Rockhead Skank – Six Chakra x Rilathon
  20. 23 – Samba
  21. Sightings – Dopel
  22. Phoenix Nights – Daseplate & The Cosmos
  23. Drown Dub – OME
  24. Shadow Figures – Vibe Emissions
  25. Dirtbag – Sensi
  26. Mmh ha ha ha – Young Signorino (Womp Rat Flip)
  27. Escape Protocol – Berri
  28. Sunshine Dub – Benny Fishel & Romy
  29. Tin Man Dub – Shua Blendin
  30. Secret Society – Pushloop (Vibe Emissions Remix)
  31. Interlude III – Gutz