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Hailing from Seattle, MTBTZ aka Meaty Beats is an excursion through sound and energy. underground dance music flows through the veins of this project, which fuels the vehicle of groove to venues throughout the Pacific Northwest. You may have heard the Meaty sounds resonating over the dance floors of such venues as Q nightclub, Neumos, The crocodile, or maybe at with the MIND at LARGE crew playing residency for Kremwerk/Timbre room at various events. If you attend festivals in the northwest, you have likely been in the midst of a full on party at such events as Summer meltdown festival, WONK fest, or Trail mix, as well as many renegades in the campgrounds of your favorite major festivals deep into the night. Most recently gracing the decks of seattle favorite parties such as Noise Complaint, WORK!, Gradients, Foolish, Sky High, and more. Armed with a catalog of classic house, techno, Tech house, booty bass, acid house, nu-disco, drum and bass, and more, A MTBTZ set will leave you wanting nothing but to stay on the dancefloor long after sunrise.


What have you been up to?
Well my schedule has been pretty crazy this month, I played Metanoias After Sounds party in the headlining slot, and then went straight out to Trail Mix Festival and played a few different sets out there. Last Thursday I played the support slot for Treasure Fingers and GAWP at Q nightclub in Seattle. Last weekend at Flow State Summit, I played a solo set, and a massive family set (like 9 dudes B2B) with all of the MIND at LARGE DJs, and had the Friend Zone DJs step in the rotation with us. The next day we made our way just 7 miles east to a different little shindig called APOG (Any Patch of Grass) and played a big 4 man Friend Zone DJ set on some massive Funktion 1s in the woods for 3 hours. Last night (8/2) I closed out DEPTH in Seattle with a dope techno set, which is sick, because I never get to play true techno!
How and where did you record your mix?
This mix was recorded straight from the CDJs at a small backyard BBQ.
Tell us a bit about the mix!
This mix I would say is my take on “daytime tech house”, and overall is just of a bunch of grooves that I have been into lately, and that have been slaying the crowds at clubs and festivals alike!
What are you up to next?
On Tuesday I will Play at slo-fi, at By the Pound in Seattle, which is also rare to see me play a chill hip-hop and lo-fi set, so I am pretty excited for that. 8/16 I play the MIND at LARGE showcase at monkey lofts Afterdark, being put on by my homies at Shameless productions. After than I might try and sleep at some point.
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